What makes God’s Canine Angels different from any other program?

God’s Canine Angels was founded with a purpose to enrich the lives of those who suffer from a disability that makes it hard for them to navigate through life in a normal way. Our Canine Angels will support their humans to overcome the disability by providing support when and where needed. We believe that creating a bond between the working dog and their human is the best way to have a successful relationship. We also believe that the human must be a part of the training in order to build that bond and have a solid working relationship. This is why instead of providing a fully trained dog, we place them as soon as possible, so the dog and human can start the bonding and training process.

Who may apply for a service dog

Anyone with a disability as determined by the American with Disabilities Act may apply for a service dog. God's Canine Angels does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.

How do we place dogs with their humans?

We let our dogs interact with the humans and look for obvious signs of the dogs picking their human companions. Once a decision is made, the dog can go home with the human and start the bonding process.

Where do we get our dogs?

We find our dogs from rescues and reputable breeders. We ensure good health and proper care. We do NOT discriminate on any breeds. We look for a wonderful temperament and the drive to learn and please.

How is our training like?

The type of training we do is based on Positive Reinforcement and Choice Teaching; we do not use any adverse methods. Training is broken up into 4 stages, and all pups must pass each stage before moving to the next. All dogs are required to have 400 Public Access Hours in order to be tested for the Public Access Test. Most people do not realize the amount of time and commitment it takes to train their Service Dog. There are situations where the human and canine need more help while training due to limitations. Our Trainers and Angel Guardians are there for support in the training process. In some situations the canine may need to stay with the trainer for extra support. 

Can we train your dog?

On some occasions we can train your own dog depending on temperament testing and behavior as well as age and health. (Please ask us about this special program)

How much does it cost?

We utilize a sliding scale system based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This helps us determine the amount you pay, if any, to start your Service Dog Training.

Do we train for people outside the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Yes, we do!

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