I can do all things through Christ. Phil 4:13

GOD’s Canine Angels is a non-profit organization under 501(c)(3) created with one goal in mind: to provide high quality service dog training for children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs. This project was born in the heart of three christian friends, more like sisters, who shared their passion of helping others. Although the organization is still in the beginning stages, we have a strong support system, from Physicians, Veterinarians, Psychologists, and Nurses to Financial Advisors, making us a robust organization.





Our Dream


We envision a place where children and anyone with disabilities can come and not feel judged; a place where they can meet others struggling with the same limitations. Our dream is to have a farm where we can do our training not only with dogs but incorporate equine and aquatic therapy, as well. We will create a sensory room where our children with Autism or other communication limitation can come and safely express themselves. Also, we would like to have an ADA compliant playground, so wheelchair-bound children can also enjoy it!  

Our project would not be limited to residents to the Commonwealth of Virginia, so we plan on having on-site housing for our out-of-town trainees. 

We hope with all our heart that you will be inspired by our dogs and recipients! Our dogs have so much love to give, and our goal is to help as many people as possible. The power of unconditional love and acceptance is truly a wondrous thing! 

Our Service Dogs

GOD’s Canine Angels does not discriminate against any dog breed; we focus on their personality, dedication, desire to please, and determination to work for a human. We look for a non-aggressive, eager to learn dog, as it takes a unique and special character to flourish as one of God’s Canine Angels.

We seek our service dogs primarily at local shelters. Our volunteers and staff members will work with the chosen dog until the right human is found. Alternatively, we work with reputable breeders who have produced wonderful service dogs for us.


We also understand that many people who truly need a canine helper decide to train on their own because of financial challenges; unfortunately, many of these dogs tend to behave inappropriately in public, giving the impression they are ‘untrained’ service dogs. We want to help them! We want to provide them with the training tools they cannot afford.


822 Churchman's Mill Rd

Stuarts Draft, VA 24477

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